Managed System Care

Managed system care includes End User Remote Access, Anti-virus/anti-malware, helpdesk and network support.

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Keep Your Systems Running Smoothly
and SEcurely

System Care keeps your computers and servers up to date with the proper operating system patches, bug fixes and Windows updates.

We have tested and sought out the most powerful, aggressive, real-time, and highest accuracy Anti-virus and Anti-Malware protection available in today’s technology space. Our entire focus on managed care is staying ahead of issues and when they do occur, making it fast and easy to get past any problems.

Our Worry-Free experience provides uptime, simplified administration, and granular control over your systems and network environment. Every account gets expert email and phone helpdesk support.

Empower your staff to have access to the needed information and systems anytime, anywhere. Our LogMeIn Pro remote environment gives you highly secure and reliable remote access to your systems when and where you need it. You control who in your organization has remote access rights.

Management Features

Rely upon cutting edge technology to keep your systems and servers up to date on software, patches, Anti-virus/Anti-Malware, Bug Fixes, and more. Installing new software, white listing and black listing allowed or disallowed softwares are easy with our management processes. Keep your systems running at peak performance and clean from erroneous temporary files and other maliciousness.

  • Secure Real-time Remote Access for troubleshooting and helpdesk assistance when you need it most.
  • Secure Remote Access to key staff members to keep their productivity at its highest levels.
  • Secure Remote access for developers and software engineers on-demand as needed for them to support your business applications
  • Security is always the highest priority in our business environments
  • We not only protect and maintain your devices, we also work with 3rd party providers and vendors to completely manage your IT environment.
  • We don’t stop at system care, the most important part of the network is Internet Accessibility. We manage this for you, too. ISP giving you headaches, allow us to take care of those issues.
  • We build, establish and maintain reliability and predictable systems and networks.

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